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Proeon Mung80

An 80% Pure Isolate With Excellent Functionality

Harnessing the power of mung beans

With our proprietary and cutting-edge extraction process, PROEON MUNG80 emerges as a powerhouse protein isolate known for its exceptional gelation, emulsification, and foaming properties.

Peak functionality, a culinary game changer

Our unique protein purification method, coupled with the careful selection of premium mung bean varieties, ensures a protein of unparalleled functionality, delivering a clean taste and free from undesirable anti-nutritional factors.

Superior Foaming, Emulsification, Gelation and Solubility

Neutral Taste, rich mouthfeel and no beany notes

98% Digestible | 0.89 High PDCAAS

Allergen-free, highly sustainable source of protein

Perfectly suited for vegan eggs and other high-protein sustainable product formulations, PROEON MUNG80 empowers culinary innovation with a conscious twist. Leverage the benefits of PROEON MUNG80 to create innovative, nutritious, and sustainable food products that meet the evolving needs and preferences of today’s consumers.

Experience the future of sustainable protein with PROEON MUNG80.

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Sustainability spotlight


Fixes up to 85 kg N/ha. Increases organic material and improves soil fertility

Water stress

Moderate 5,053 L/kg

Carbon footprint

Low 2.0 kg CO2e/kg

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