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Innovation Driven by

Nature’s Sustainability

At Proeon Foods, Innovation is at the Core of Everything We Do.


At Proeon, we are committed to innovation and research. With an intricate understanding of protein molecular structure and functional properties, we excel at creating superior plant proteins.


Our approach begins with in-depth research, analyzing market trends, customer preferences and technological advancements to redefine plant protein possibilities. We excel in application development, assisting our clients in creating exceptional products


With our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, we can deliver superior quality plant proteins consistently at scale, ensuring top-notch quality in taste, nutrition and functionality, and optimize distribution to ensure global accessibility of our innovative solutions

Join us on this journey of shaping the future of a healthier and sustainable world

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    Superior Quality Ingredients

    PROEON prides itself in sourcing and utilizing only the high-quality raw materials

    We believe that the foundation of any excellent food formulation lies in the quality of its ingredients, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure excellence at every step from sourcing to manufacturing process.

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    Developing Superior
    Quality Proteins

    Careful selection of raw materials.

    Extracting proteins with minimal denaturation for superior taste, texture and nutrition.

    Modulating proteins to enhance performance.

    State of the Art

    Complete control on raw material sourcing.

    Proprietary extraction and manufacturing process.

    Maintaining stringent quality control throughout the process.

    Collaborating for

    Collaboration with leading research institutions for advanced R&D.

    Partnering with global companies for co-development of products.

    Members of high impact groups tackling the global protein challenge.

    In-house Application Expertise

    At Proeon, our in-house application expertise is unparalleled, owing to our team of dedicated professionals comprising food technologists, innovation specialists and R&D experts. With their collective knowledge and experience, our team is equipped to tackle even the most complex challenges in food formulation and product development. From conceptualizing new ideas to optimizing existing recipes, our experts work tirelessly to ensure that every product bearing the Proeon name meets the highest quality, taste, and functionality standards. With Proeon’s in-house application expertise, innovation knows no bounds.

    Let’s Co Create

    Formulation Expertise

    We specialize in formulating plant-based proteins for diverse applications, from egg alternatives to protein-fortified foods, healthy snacks, beverages, and beyond.

    Speed to Market

    Leveraging streamlined processes, we expedite your product’s journey to market, ensuring prompt delivery and market readiness.

    Custom Solutions

    We prioritize collaboration with our clients, crafting protein ingredients that meet their unique requirements.

    Think Plant Protein, Think PROEON!

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