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High-Quality Plant
Proteins for Superior
Product Performance

Experience the difference with PROEON

What Makes our Proteins Great


Make your products healthier by using our ingredients that have high protein concentration, complete amino acid profile & great digestibility.

Excellent Sensory

Our ingredients have neutral taste and clean sensory profile. Formulate great tasting products with ease.

Exceptional Functionality

Get the perfect product attributes through our ingredients with higher solubility, foaming, emulsification, gelation,
and more.

Best-in-class quality

We ensure consistent quality through our proprietary extraction process, backed by excellent sourcing and state-of-the-art manufacturing.


PROEON MUNG80, is a high performance plant protein isolate that delivers unparalleled functionality.

With an impressive 80% purity, this highly functional protein isolate offers outstanding gelation, emulsification and foaming properties. Its clean, rich and smooth mouthfeel elevates plant-based egg creations, providing delectable and nutritious alternative for health-conscious consumers.

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Elevate your formulations with PROEON PEANUT80, a high purity, sustainable and accessible protein isolate

Boasting an impressive 80% purity, this protein powerhouse stands out for its exceptional solubility and superior digestibility. Unlike other plant proteins, PROEON PEANUT80 offers a clean sensory profile without chalkiness or grittiness, ensuring a smooth blend in your creations. This versatile ingredient adds a nutritional punch to various applications, from protein powders to energy bars and peanut butter to oats and muesli.

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Your trusted protein partner.

At Proeon, collaboration is more than just a word—our guiding principle. As your trusted protein partner, we bring together a diverse team of experts with specialized knowledge and expertise spanning every aspect of the protein industry. From protein extraction to application development, our dedicated professionals collaborate to co-create innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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