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Proteins that take your products from good to great

Plant based proteins to help you better serve the conscious consumer.

Superior nutritional profile

Make your products healthier by using our ingredients that have high protein concentration, complete amino acid profile & great digestibility.

Great sensory profile

Our ingredients have neutral taste, rich mouth feel and off-white color. You can now do away with taste or color masking in formulations.

Excellent functional profile

Get the perfect product attributes through our ingredients with higher solubility, foaming , emulsification, gelation, and more

Give your consumers the best of taste, health, and sustainability

Mung Bean Protein Isolate - Manufacturer & Supplier | Proeon

Proeon Mung Bean Protein

A high concentration protein with high emulsification and foaming capacity.

Ideal for: egg replacement products.

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Chickpea Protein Isolate - Manufacturer & Supplier | Proeon

Proeon Chick pea protein

Protein with high water holding capacity and gelation properties.

Ideal for: plant based Mayonnaise, snacks, protein bars, and more.

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Your trusted partner for plant protein ingredients.

We are excited to create custom solutions to meet your specific formulation needs. Based on your precise specifications, we will use our expertise to select the best protein sources for you.

Trust our capabilities in extraction process and protein conditioning to develop the perfect plant protein ingredient that’s just right for you.

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