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Proeon PEANUT80

An 80% pure isolate with clean sensory and excellent nutritional properties

Harnessing the power of Peanut

PROEON PEANUT80 is an upcycled protein from the peanut oil industry sidestream. It is an 80% pure protein isolate with clean sensory properties and a nutritional profile that boasts excellent digestibility. Packed with fiber and healthy fats, it enhances protein delivery while maintaining a wholesome experience. Elevate your products effortlessly and make healthy choices even more nutritious!

Upcycled, Affordable and Clean tasting Plant Protein to bridge the protein gap

Crafted for versatility, this protein is ideal for creating better-for-you products like protein drinks and mixes, bars, high-protein peanut butter, and high-protein breakfast cereals.

97% Digestible | Rich in Healthy Fats and Dietary Fibres

High Solubility, Emulsification and Oil Holding Capacity

Clean taste, no grittiness and a rich nuttiness

Upcycled and sustainable source of protein

Seamlessly elevate your products and bridge the protein gap while preserving consumer satisfaction. Experience hassle-free, high-quality protein delivery today.

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Redefining Sustainability in Protein

Conserves Land and Soil

No additional cultivation required, fixes up to 200 kg N/ha

Water stress

Low < 430 ltrs per kg

Carbon footprint

Low 1.47 CO2e/kg

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