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Mung Bean Protein

Highly concentrated protein with high emulsification and foaming capacity, ideal for egg replacement products
Mung Bean Protein
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The Proeon Mung bean protein isolate is made from best quality mung beans, using a clean and gentle process that maintains the natural goodness of Mung and extracts a high concentration protein isolate.
Mung Bean Protein Isolate - Manufacturer & Supplier | Proeon
Plant based Cheese, Beverage applications, Egg replacement products, Plant based butter

One ingredient. Multiple benefits.

High protein concentration

High foaming capacity and foam stability and unique emulsification properties

Complete amino acid profile

Neutral taste, off white color, and smooth mouth feel

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Making good on our promise of sustainability


Fixes upto 85 kg N/ha. Increases organic material and improves soil fertility

Water stress

Moderate 5,053 L/kg

Carbon foot print

Low 2.0 kg CO2e/kg