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Hemp Seed Protein Isolate

Nutrient rich protein isolate from an ancient crop that is in vogue today
Hemp Seed Protein Isolate - Manufacturer & Supplier | Proeon
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Proeon Hemp Seed Protein Isolate is made from sustainably sourced Himalayan Hemp seeds, which are rich in proteins and have high levels of Lysine and minerals like Folates, Iron, Manganese and Copper.

At Proeon, we offer two variants of Hemp Seed Protein to meet the diverse functional and nutritional demands.
Hemp Seed Protein

Proeon Hemp Nutra

A complete protein with a balanced profile extracted from Hemp seeds composed of 65% protein content and 10% Hemp seed oil. It is rich in Amino acids and healthy fat that help to maintain cardio-vascular health and improve lipid metabolism.

Weight management and meal replacement products, Nutraceuticals & Protein powders


High Arginine to Lysine ratio (greater than 4.25) that is proven to be beneficial in achieving and maintaining cardio-vascular health.

Rich in L-Arginine that enhances lipolysis of body fat and improves lipid metabolism in liver and plasma.

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Proeon Hemp Sol

A highly functional Hemp protein isolate with 80%+ protein content that is suitable for multiple applications that are traditionally challenging to formulate with Hemp.


Significantly higher solubility (more than 80%) at pH 8.0, as compared to that of the currently available proteins (60%).

Better foaming capacity with ~90% increase in volume as compared to 40-60% for the currently available proteins.

High-quality emulsions with oil droplet sizes (0.8 μm) as compared to that of the currently available proteins (1.92–3.42 μm). The smaller the droplet size, the better the emulsion.

Significantly lower protein denaturation leading to higher digestibility, oil holding capacity, and water holding capacity, as compared to that of other Hemp proteins.

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Benefits of Hemp Seed Protein

Making good on our promise of sustainability

Reduced Pollution

Removes 5 times more CO2 from air compared to traditional crops

Restores soil

Carries out phytoremediation and sequestrates harmful elements

Farmer friendly

60-day crop, lower cultivation costs and higher demand, providing stable incomes

Water stress

Moderate 3,685 L/kg

Carbon foot print

Inverse Removes 1.6 kg CO2/kg of hemp produced