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Fava Bean Protein

Nutrient- rich protein isolate with neutral flavour profile that is perfect for meat replacement and blended meat products
Fava Bean Protein
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Proeon Fava Bean Protein isolate is made from Canadian Fava beans, which have a high protein content and contain abundant Lysine, Folates, Iron, Manganese and Copper.
Fava Bean Protein
Beverage applications, Alt-Meat Products, Blended Meat

One ingredient. Multiple benefits.

High protein concentration of 90%

Very mild taste, slightly on the savory side.

Off-white color.

Silky mouthfeel.

Superior gelling properties, great water and oil retention capacity.

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Making good on our promise of sustainability

Restores soil

Increases biomass, improves water retention and reduces soil erosion.

Reduced pollution

Fixes >90 % of its nitrogen requirements, requiring less fertilizer

Water stress

Low 2,018 L/kg

Carbon foot print

Low 2.0 kg CO2e/kg