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Chick Pea Protein

Protein with high water-holding capacity and superior gelation properties, ideal for plant based mayonnaise, protein bars, and more
Chickpea Protein
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The Proeon Chickpea Protein Isolate is made from the Indian chickpea that is nutritionally rich in proteins, free from allergens, and highly functional.
Chickpea Protein
Alt-dairy, Nutrition bars, Snacks and Crisps, Plant based Mayonnaise

One ingredient. Multiple benefits.

High protein concentration of 60%

Neutral/bland taste and off-white color.

Rich mouthfeel.

Has superior emulsification and gelling properties.

High water and oil retention capacity.

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Making good on our promise of sustainability


causes no damages to land, water, soil or forests.

Water stress

Moderate 4,177 L/kg

Carbon foot print

Low 0.64 kg CO2e/kg