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Amaranth Protein

Gluten-free ingredient for dairy alternatives sourced from a nutri-dense & climate-resilient superfood
Amaranth Protein
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Amaranth is an 8000+ year-old superfood that is an excellent source of proteins.
It is 100% gluten free and rich in minerals and vitamins. It is also one of the most climate resistant and ecologically viable crops.
Proeon’s Amaranth Protein combines the goodness of high protein content with the benefits of Lysine – an essential amino acid that most grains lack. Made with our proprietary process, it has significantly higher solubility and foaming capacity, making it ideal for applications in plant-based milk and alternative dairy applications.
Amaranth Protein
Plant based milk, Plant based Yogurt, Plant based Cheese, Plant based butter

One ingredient. Multiple benefits.

Amaranth is a well-known superfood and a unique source of protein with great consumer perception

It has higher foaming capacity and foam stability, and unique emulsification properties.

Its essential amino acid index (90.4%) is comparable with that of egg protein.

It is rich in Lysine, dietary fiber, and minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Phosphorus, and Sodium.

It has a high concentration of B complex vitamins.

Its neutral taste, off-white color, and smooth mouthfeel makes it a suitable
for varied applications.

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Making good on our promise of sustainability

Reduced Pollution

Requires no herbicides and less fertilizers

High tolerance

Grows well in unfavourable conditions including high salinity, acidity & draught

Farmer friendly

Low risk, low maintenance crop providing higher and stable incomes

Water stress

Low 1,644 L/kg

Carbon foot print

Low 1.8 kg CO2e/kg